Galileo-based solutions
for urban freight transport

The Core Supervision Platform (CSP) is responsible for collecting NGS outdoor-, as well as indoor-localization data. This information is kept in a distributed database and access is provided only to properly authorized end-users through the Web Interface of the CSP. In addition to this, authorized logistics providers are also able to receive information regarding pickups and deliveries from the Web Applications. This is achieved through communication with the AP+ logistics information system. Finally, the platform provides limited access to users through an open registration procedure. Stakeholders that need to be more actively involved and require an upgraded role in order to submit localization data or retrieve logistics instructions, are granted access by the administrator of the platform.

The list of actions provided by the dashboard of the CSP is as follows:


---- Sign in/out

---- Register

---- Forgot Password


---- Activate Registered Users

---- Create Stakeholder

---- Manage Stakeholders

---- Role Management

---- Type Management

---- NGS Management


---- New/Edit Warehouse

---- Index Warehouses

---- New/Edit Transportation Mean

---- Index Transportation Means


---- Edit profile

The CSP additionally offers user-friendly visualizations. The currently supported visualization are:

- Track NGS device

- View Item Location

- View Transportation Mean's Predefined routes

Communication of the CSP with NGS devices and the AP+ logistics information system is made possible through the use of a REST API outlined in the following documents:




The Core Supervision Platform (CSP)




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