Galileo-based solutions
for urban freight transport

GALENA demonstrates its Unique Value Proposition at ITS World Conference in Bordeaux

GALENA demonstrates its Unique Value Proposition at ITS World Conference in Bordeaux, 5-9 October 2015

The ITS World Conference was held in Bordeaux this year. ITS stands originally for Intelligent Transport Systems. Several global trends can be observed during a walk along the various booths. One of the main challenges in business is the growing trend towards ‘Servitization’. Products are replaced by services. That’s exactly the reason why today one is translating ITS into Intelligent Transport Systems ànd Services. ‘Mobility as a Service (Maas)’ has become one of the buzz words. Today, in transport and logistics one is searching for services and solutions more than for systems and products.

Two other frequently used adjectives linked to ITS are respectively ‘cooperative’ and ‘connected’. Cooperative means that systems and services need to be open-source or open-access; open to various potential users in a setting of horizontal collaboration (i.e. collaboration among peers). Bundled or clustered together the economies of scale of these logistics processes are large enough to generate breakthrough gains, which are separately often not obtained. Because of this cooperative or collaborative approach one is using more and more the C-ITS acronym.

To be connected is another popular term in an ITS environment. Systems (and services) need to be connected. Connectivity is considered as one of the principal functionalities for every IT system. That may sound obvious, but is often a huge challenge.

GALENA’s Unique Value Proposition responds to these three main trends:

  1. A firm collaboration among private and public actors in an urban area is the starting point, brought together in a well-orchestrated stakeholder community. GALENA is COOPERATIVE.
  2. System integration using satellite navigation and other techniques or technologies in an appropriate way and which need to be connected to each other is the ultimate goal. GALENA CONNECTS.
  3. Introducing innovation in logistics processes, through decoupling these processes in order to be able on one hand to bundle flows towards the urban area in an (cost)efficient way and on the other hand to elaborate appropriate and sustainable logistics services for the last mile coverage. GALENA creates innovative LOGISTICS SERVICES.

“The unique value proposition of GALENA lays in the comprehensive exploration of the appropriate service-market combination for orchestrating urban logistics. Technology is linked to innovative concepts in urban logistics and its governance.”

Dutch translation:

"De unieke waarde-propositie van GALENA ligt in de uitgebreide verkenning van de juiste service-markt-combinatie voor het orkestreren van de stedelijke logistiek. Technologie wordt gekoppeld aan innovatieve concepten in stedelijke logistiek en haar bestuur."



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